WKCD: What Kids Can Do 
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website: www.whatkidzcando.com  

Creative experiences help children express and cope with their feelings, and foster mental growth by encouraging new ways of thinking, generating ideas and problem solving. Crafting in particular is beneficial for developing skills in children of all ages. It tests and develops critical thinking, problem solving, refines motor skills, builds resilience, and progresses reading/literacy. Due to the pandemic, we saw a spike in people crafting and expressing themselves through creativity. Over many lockdowns and restrictions, People everywhere were looking for stuff to do, and things to create.

That’s where WKCD comes in.

WKCD is a series of children’s craft boxes that range in theme for children ages 5 - 12. Each craft box is meant to ignite creativity in these children. The boxes are split between the classic and fables series, with 5 craft activities in each. Each craft will come with the needed materials and instructions, with the exception of the “Explore” box which encourages kids to explore nature to grab some of the materials. These 6 boxes range in varying themes and we encourage all kids to explore and choose any themed box. WKCD is passionate about making each box special. We are encouraging kids to think outside of their box and make every craft their own. And the best part of it all, it's fun and rewarding for every kid.

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